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  Aaliyah Dana Houghton was born January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents were Michael and Diane Houghton. She had a big brother named Rashad. When Aaliyah was four years old her and her family moved Detroit, Michigan. When they were out in Detroit Aaliyah's mom was a teacher and dad had began working in Law with his brother Barry Hankerson.
    Aaliyah had shared a good relationship with a her brother Rashad. They were best friends. Even they though they fought  Rashad said that she would always give him a kiss on cheek as she apologized. Aaliyah had always been a nice and caring person with a beautiful voice. When she was little she would sing all the time with her mom. Also when she was young she had lost of animals. She adored pets. She had animals like dogs, ducks, cats, snakes and iguanas and lot's of other animals.

  Aaliyah went to a Catholic School in Detroit called Gesu Elementary. She signed up for many plays at that school. One play she entered was when she was in the first grade. The play was about an orphan girl named Annie. Aaliyah played one the other orphan kids. the other plays she was in was 42nd street and hello, and Dolly. Soon her parents tried to develop her career as a singer. Aaliyah song at many family events. Then after that she was chosen to be on star search. She song "My Valentine" but poor Aaliyah didn't win.
    But luckily thanks to her uncle Barry Hankerson's good taste he met then married R&B artist Gladys Knight. Galadys had saw Aaliyah's beautiful talent and decided to take 11 year old Aaliyah on tour with her show she could learn about the music business was like. Then after Aaliyah's uncle made his own record label (Blackground Records) she met with R&B artist R. Kelly. He had  wrote and produced all of Aaliyah's songs. Her fist Album was called Age Ann's Nothing But A Number released in 1994. Then when rumors spread out that 15 year old Aaliyah and 27 year od R. Kelly in love they separated.
    Then Aaliyah had met a producer named Timberland. He helped produce her second album called One in a Million. She also met Missy Elliot and she helped produce her album. When Aaliyah knew she was going to make it she had went back to school and graduated in 1997. She had earned a 4.0 G.P.A. and a Ph.D in music history.
    Other than doing singing Aaliyah also did acting again. In 2000 Aaliyah played in a movie called title Romeo Must Die. She made a song for the movie called "Try Again", it won her a MTV award for best video.Aaliyah 's third album which was called "Aaliyah" made a big success in July 2001. This album hit number two on the billboard charts. But sadly on August 25, 2001 after shooting a video for her single titled "rock the boat" in the bahama's her and a few other people Had got into a traggic accident. They on they're way back to the states and soon as the airplane the were riding on had crash killing Aaliyah and eight other people. The other people on the plane was Her personal stylist Eric Forman, makeup artist Christopher Maldonado, body guard Scott Gallin, Virginia Records executive Douglas Kratz hair stylist Anthony Dodd, Gina Smith , and Kieth Wallace of Plackgroud records.
    Aaliyah's funeral was 6 days after she had died. I was held in New York City.Many fans from all over were there to celebrate Aaliyah's life. During the funeral Aaliyah's mom Diane had released 22 doves to celebrate Twenty years of Aaliyah's presences. Every one was real sad as yiu could amagine and so was I. Well that's the end of my story of Aaliyah.
RIP Aaliyah
                                                                              BY Valissa Thomas